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The most successful client relationships have been grounded in the mantra – “If you don’t take care of your customers, someone else will.” By delivering proven results, your trusted advisor role will translate into more conversations around recommendations and insights and lead to more command of your clients’ media budgets. That’s where AK comes in.

Why It Matters

Billions of ad dollars are spent every year attempting to connect marketers with customers. With the explosion of mediums and channels, marketers are challenged with not having the full picture of their customers’ buying behavior and how to most effectively spend their media budgets.

Only with access to real-time, actionable media and audience data in a single platform can agencies harness the investments already made in media and database infrastructure, act on them and increase your clients’ media budgets.

How We’re Different

AK’s patented Media Intelligence Platform™ (MIP) allows you to harness the investments you have already made in media and database infrastructures, leverage your scale, and act on insights to increase your clients’ reach and sales goals. The AK Platform:

  • Combines both media and audience data together with real-time predictive analytics.
  • Tracks performance of all digital mediums and channels, including Facebook, in a single view.
  • Offers complete customer touch-point tracking turning information into action (MTA).

The Benefits

Go beyond your current infrastructure investments, command more budget, and become a rock star:

  • Zero in on new customers you are not yet reaching today.
  • Unlock actionable intelligence to drive more spend into digital.
  • Turn big data into big results for your clients.

Proof Points

Aggregate Knowledge brings an exact science to the art of media buying by enabling marketers with real-time media and audience data they can act on. This media intelligence shows marketers where customers are and how to reach them; guaranteeing increased sales, new customer relationships and radically improving media spend efficiency.

On average, our Fortune 500 customers are reallocating 26 percent of their budget by eliminating media buys that drive zero sales, boost conversion rates by 321 percent, and experience a 220 percent ROI lift.

Proven results include:

Automotive – AK Drives Results for 400% Return on Investment

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CPG – AK Increases Efficiency and Gives You the Full Picture

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Finance – AK Improves Campaign ROI by over 100%

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Retail – AK Delivers 30% Lift in Campaign Performance

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Telecommunications – AK Enables $23M Efficiency Gains and Over 7X ROI

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