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In the News

March 2014

Neustar Launches PlatformOne to Centralize Marketing Solutions

PlatformOne streamlines the marketing ecosystem by unifying the tools and centralizing the processes needed for more precise measurement, increased sales, and greater ROI for all inbound and outbound marketing efforts… Read more here.


5 Ways Marketers Are Mishandling Data

According to The Neustar Global Media Intelligence Report for 2013, retail marketers that targeted campaigns according to things like home value and brand of car resulted in a 500 percent performance lift over non-targeted campaigns… Read more here.


News Byte: Neustar Launches PlatformOne

Cross-channel analytics and business intelligence company Neustar today unveiled a new unified analytics service called PlatformOne. The release is the culmination of several years of development and acquisitions, most notably that of Aggregate Knowledge late last year… Read more here.


Neustar Unveils New Platform, Claims It’s The Most Unified Consumer One, Yet

When Neustar acquired Aggregate Knowledge, a leading independent online data management platform, for $119 million a number of people in the ad technology community reacted by saying, “What’s Neustar?” A little over a year later, Neustar hopes to change that, unveiling a new platform that integrates the best of the old AK’s online audience targeting capabilities with some of the most powerful real-world data on consumers and their behaviors… Read more here.


Neustar Takes Aim At Enterprise Marketing Solutions With ‘PlatformOne’

Neustar rolled out on Monday the beta version of PlatformOne, a product that combines Neustar’s offline assets with the online marketing capabilities of Aggregate Knowledge, which Neustar acquired last October… Read more.


Neustar Launches Platform to Centralize Marketing Solutions and Optimize Campaigns

PlatformOne combines up-to-date, authoritative customer information with media insights, enabling marketers to activate against the data to drive increase user reach & increased sales. In essence, it’s an ‘easy button’ to help marketers quantify the value of their media spend both offline and online… Read more here.


Neustar Launches Platform To Centralize Marketing Solutions And Optimize Campaigns

“The complexity of the marketing ecosystem grows almost daily. Advertisers must grapple with a proliferation of online and offline devices and channels, and make sense of a tsunami of audience and media data,” said David Jakubowski, SVP Marketing Solutions, Neustar… Read more.


Releases mark interest in data, interactivity

Neustar’s release, PlatformOne, integrates real time customer data so that campaigns and ads are more highly targeted and personalized. This, of course, can increase the engagement factor, pushing campaign ROI higher… Read more here.


AudienceXpress Brings Product Purchasing, Online Behavior Data To TV Audience Targeting

“Viewers have expanded beyond TV and are increasingly consuming content across multiple screens and channels,” states Ted Prince, senior vice president-information services at Neustar, which acquired one of the online world’s leading DMPs Aggregate Knowledge more than a year ago and incorporated it into its systems… Read more here.


How the Aggregate Knowledge/Neustar acquisition will impact online businesses

Aggregate Knowledge and Neustar have been working together for quite some time now, but recently AK was acquired by Neustar and that has many wondering how their online space will change with the move. The big picture: by improving the data space for online businesses… Read more here.


February 2014

Is Lisa Hook’s Neustar the Latest Marketing Platform and Ad Tech Star?

“Neustar is the coolest company nobody’s ever heard of,” says Neustar CEO Lisa Hook. And she may be right if by “cool” you mean evolving and transforming a company from a solid, but somewhat staid, technology services provider, to one that is disrupting the white-hot marketing automation and audience data sectors… Read more here.


Where The Marketer, Data Scientist And Cloud Intersect

“At the end of the day, on the media side of the house, it’s all about normalization and presenting the data in a scenario where its ready to be consumed by the analyst,” said Rob Gatto, SVP of media and advertising for Aggregate Knowledge owner Neustar, an information services and analytics company… Read more.


Oracle Buys BlueKai; Industry Reacts

“The broad attention and interest in Neustar’s acquisition of Aggregate Knowledge last fall and now today’s announcement of Oracle’s acquisition of BlueKai signal a significant shift in the data management platform market,” said Dave Jakubowski, VP of Marketing Services… Read more.


Calculating the Correct Channel Strategy

Neustar’s 2013 Year in Review Global Media Intelligence Report examines how varying platforms impact the average marketer’s approach to customer experience… Read more.

Advertisers See Substantial Performance Lifts From Targeting Top Audiences

It pays to target the right audiences, says Neustar Aggregate Knowledge in its Q4 Global Media Intelligence Report… Read more.


Last Year, Social Ads Proved Highly Effective in Delivering New, Quality Audiences

Social was a better bet than portals, networks, and exchanges last year for reaching users that can be consistently marketed to (“user quality index”), according to the latest quarterly “Global Media Intelligence Report” from Neustar Aggregate Knowledge… Read more.


Offline Customer Data Delivers Increased Online Performance

Social channels bring the greatest reach and user quality and offline customer data delivers increased online performance, according to Neustar’s 2013 Year in Review Global Media Intelligence Report… Read more here.


Study: Exchanges, social push online conversions

From audience segmentation efforts to first party data use, a new report out from Neustar underlines what worked for online brands in 2013 – and indicates what may help brands excel in 2014… Read more here.


Study: Facebook ads can be effective at delivering reach

As many page admins and marketers rage against Facebook for perceived and real drops in page post reach, a new study by Neustar shows that Facebook advertising is actually an effective way to achieve reach, compared to other methods… Read more here.


Exchanges Are Cost-Efficient, But At What Cost?

Neustar’s Aggregate Knowledge on Wednesday released its Global Media Intelligence Report, 2013 Year In Review. The report breaks down 145 billion ad events, 61 billion impressions, and 10.5 million conversions across social media, exchanges, networks and portals… Read more here.


Why DMP-First Marketers Will Win Out

“Addressing the marketer’s need for a holistic and single-viewed approach to media buying should be a major goal for DMP providers, especially considering that DMP usage is on the rise…” – David Jakubowski, SVP, Marketing Services, Neustar Read more here.


January 2014

The Neustar-Aggregate Knowledge Paradigm Shift

When Neustar, a company whose telecommunications infrastructure routes calls and texts across North America, purchased data management platform (DMP) provider Aggregate Knowledge (AK) last October, analysts and industry insiders wondered what the integrated solution would look like… Read more.


2014 Outlook: Digital To Surmount TV, DMP Use To Triple, by David Jakubowski, SVP, Marketing Services, Neustar

With 2013 in our rear-view mirror, it is interesting to reflect on how much technology and customer behavior has shifted over the year and how these changes will further accelerate industry transformation in 2014… Read more.

WTF is a Data Management Platform?

Data now informs almost all aspects of digital media, and data management platforms have emerged to help marketers, publishers and other businesses make sense of it all. Here’s a primer — in as plain English as possible — on what DMPs are, and what they actually do… Read more.


23 Thought Leaders Offer 49 Predictions For 2014

David Jakubowski, SVP, Marketing Services, Neustar: “Digital Marketing Experimentation is now over. Marketers will no longer question the effectiveness of their marketing efforts in the year ahead, as they will have the long-awaited answers to those questions at their fingertips…” Read more here.

2014 is NOT the “Year of Mobile”

If you’ve paid attention to predictions for the last five years, then you’d know that prognosticators have declared every year as the year of mobile. Sorry to break the news to you, but 2014 won’t be the year of mobile either…however, we’re getting closer… Read more here.


How Community News Sites Can Get the Most Out of Facebook

It’s not news that social media can make a huge impact on what happens to content that enters its force field. But still I gulped when I saw the chart (image below) in Neustar’s “Global Media Intelligence Report,” subtitled, cleverly, “Where the math men meet the Mad Men.” Read more here.