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Media Intelligence Platform

The AK Media Intelligence Platform™ is the only data management solution that combines both media and audience data, enabling marketers to most effectively allocate media dollars, resulting in increased reach and higher sales.

How We Do It

The AK Media Intelligence Platform™ provides actionable insights across your digital media mix to better understand where customers are and how to reach them, guaranteeing increased sales, new customer relationships and radically improving media spend efficiency.

The AK Media Intelligence Platform (MIP) encompasses five key elements:

Offers all key performance indicators (KPIs) in a single view across all channels and mediums, including Facebook.

Answer key questions such as: Which inventory provider is more valuable than another? Which channel is delivering the highest exclusive reach?
Know where to reach your customers and utilize "what if" tools to predict likely outcomes.

Answer questions such as: If I reallocate my spend how many more actions would I drive? Where should I invest additional media dollars to drive the most impressions?
Seamlessly integrate all data sources (first-, second-, and third-party) to get the full picture.

Answer key questions such as: How much overlap exists across my channels? By overlaying my CRM data onto my display campaigns, what additional audiences should I target?
Combine audience and media data in real time, providing marketers with actionable intelligence.

Answer questions such as: How many times am I reaching my target audience and is this optimum? What message should I be delivering to my audience and at what stage of the sales cycle?
Understand all of your customer touch points in order to attribute winners and losers to effectively reallocate spend on the fly (MTA).

Answer key questions such as: What is my customer worth? If I show a display ad first, how does this affect my conversion via search?