How We’re Different

In the past ten years, we have seen a staggering rate of change in the media mix and the pace is not going to slow down. This explosion of mediums and channels is forcing marketers to spend billions of ad dollars into silos with no visibility into impact or outcomes. With AK, this problem is solved.


A Short Overview of the AK Media Intelligence Platform from akIntelligence on Vimeo.


AK’s patented Media Intelligence Platform™ (MIP) is the industry’s only data management solution of its kind providing the following:

  • Audience and media data on a single platform. Harness the power of big data, together with real-time predictive analytics.
  • Cross-channel insights in a single view, including Facebook. Track performance of all digital channels and mediums.
  • Complete customer touch-point tracking. Optimize customer touch points, from first touch to last (MTA).