Take Advantage of the AK Guarantee!
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Take Advantage of the AK Guarantee!

Guarantees 10 percent increase in reach or sales metric in 60 days.

AK Solutions

Have you ever wondered if your media spend
was producing the results you expected?

Are you reaching the right audience with the right campaign to increase reach
or drive sales?

AK has the answers! Take advantage of this unique opportunity.


The Offer

  • Get actionable information that delivers guaranteed results in 60 days.
  • Achieve 10% increase in reach or 10% improvement in sales metric using your same budget.
  • Track at least 50 campaigns across multiple inventory providers.
  • Measure up to 350M impressions/ month.
  • Small investment for guaranteed results.


How to Get Started

The AK Customer Success Team will coordinate the set-up process for you – be up and running in a week. All you have to do is tag your campaigns, implement the recommendations, and realize results in 60 days!


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More Details

Signed MSA by advertiser and agency required
Exclusive, limited time only
Must meet minimum requirements